Demonic rituals combine several Lores or different evocations to create one single effect. All rituals require a sigil around which the participants stand. A ritual always has a leader, the Ankida, and in most cases several supporters, the Mudu, who provide Lore the Ankida doesn't possess themselves. Additionally, any number of demons or mortals may participate as Khauiki and provide additional power, far beyond the power a demon could muster on their own. Rituals are almost always cooperative efforts - although it is possible to perform a ritual all on your own, this is draining and dangerous. Rituals are also considered proprietary. Usually, the House that provides the Lore central to the ritual is considered to be its proprietor, although there are exceptions to this.

Rituals require tremendous amounts of Faith to function, but their power is sufficient to justify the effort. Rituals effects go far beyond individual lore effects, and used to be one of the cornerstones of Fallen power before the demons were cast into the Abyss. Like all demonic powers, however, rituals can create high-Torment effects as well as normal effects. Earthbound rituals can only evoke high-Torment effects.

Examples of rituals and their proprietary Houses are:

  • Defeat Path (Rabisu): Makes using the Lore of Paths hard to impossible in an area.
  • Defeat Scry (Namaru): Prevents others from scrying the protected area, and alerts those present to successful scrying. As a high-Torment effect, the scrier receives a splitting headache that may render him unconscious.
  • Disarm (Annunaki): Renders weapons inoperational. As a high-Torment effect, weapons tend to strike innocents or their wielders.
  • Liquid Assassin (Lammasu): Turns water into a semi-sentient force that can creep into the target's lungs and drown him. As a high-Torment effect, anybody between the Ankida and the target is also attacked.
  • Solid Light (Neberu): Creates objects from solid light, usable either as chemically resistant materials or as fancy light sources. As a high-Torment effect, the objects strobe and disturb viewers.


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