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Righteous Endeavor, born as Righteous Endeavor Clay, is a Tzimisce pack priest, witch hunter and Priscus of the Sabbat.


Righteous Endeavor Clay was one of the most strident voices of the New England witch hysteria. From his Congregationalist pulpit Clay directed the ire of New England's elect, personally rooting out the limbs of Satan in the Colonies' midst. Denunciations from among the condemned alleging Clay's personal participation in the vilest of the Black Mass orgies were dismissed as lies engendered by Beelzebub Himself. Merciful Righteous, undismayed by such blasphemy, spent long hours with the witches in their dungeons, exhorting the nubile young sinners' redemption through means both oratorical and physical.

Perhaps it was the dying hex of his victims; perhaps it was an act of God. In any event, shortly after the last witch was cast under unhallowed ground, Righteous fell ill with a strange wasting malady and passed into the grace of his Maker. Soon thereafter, the first Sabbat landed in New England. Their actions were dismissed as Indian raids by New England's otherwise vigilant witch-hunters, who spared neither Camarilla nor Lupine.

Righteous Endeavor (he has dropped his last name along with his humanity) is now a priscus in the Sabbat and personally oversees many of the North American branch's Ritae. His gaunt figure, still dressed in the somber Puritan garb of his youth, is often seen at major Sabbat festivals. He hates the Nosferatu Prudence Stone with a passion; she is one of the few to have escaped his scourge.


Shoulder-length brown hair, considerate eyes and a beak for a nose — stack these on an unhealthy, gaunt frame and you’ll have Righteous Endeavor. Among the undead, he wears a black wool cloak with heavy collars over a black frock coat, a black waistcoat, gray breeches and white stockings. When moving among mortals, his attire is more current but no less dismal. In any situation, he insists on wearing his tall, black felt hat. 


  • "I am the vengeance of the Lord and of the Sword of Caine, and I say unto thee, thou art twice damned!"

Character SheetEdit

Righteous Endeavor
Sire: Ezra Howland
Nature: Sadist
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1713
Apparent Age: Mid 50′s
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 4
Talents: Alertness 4, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 4, Expression 2, Intimidation 5, Leadership 5, Subterfuge 4
Skills: Etiquette 4, Firearms 2, Melee 5, Security 1, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Knowledges: Academics 4, Investigation 4, Law 2, Medicine 4, Occult 4, Politics 4, Science 3
Disciplines: Animalism 3, Auspex 4, Dark Thaumaturgy 5, Vicissitude 3
Dark Thaumaturgical Paths: Path of Blood 5, Taking of the Spirit 4, Path of Phobos 3
Backgrounds: Contacts 2, Resources 3, Rituals 4, Sabbat Status 5
Virtues: Conviction 1, Instinct 5, Courage 5
Morality: Path of Metamorphosis 4
Willpower: 8



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