Rick Glumsky died a long time ago, and no one — including him — has noticed yet.

After developing line after line, and watching each one either fail or get handed off, Glumsky's soul withered and collapsed in on itself. He still shambles into work every afternoon and grinds out book after book for Samurai Revenant and Celtic Filth. He tends to send staff emails about how his "never-ending toil knows no surcease," despite other developers managing to do their work without resorting to 120-hour work weeks.

Glumsky paradoxically maintains more contact with the living than any other Black Dog Game Factory developer, via constant Internet chats, conventions, and Live-Action games.

Glumsky has developed a secret obsession for the editor in the office next door to him, about whom he has waking dreams of consuming her brain.

Background Information Edit

Glumsky is a parody of Richard E. Dansky. Dansky did indeed act as developer on several game lines, including Wraith: The Oblivion (doubtless one of the games Glumsky "drove into the ground"). Glumsky's status as one of the walking dead is likely a reference to Dansky's Wraith-inspired nickname, "Deadguy."

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