Birth Name: Ricardo Montoya-Bernal
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Southern Mexico
Occupation: Leader Team Tomorrow Americas
Default Association: Team Tomorrow

Ricardo Montoya-Bernal is the friendly green skinned Leader of Team Tomorrow Americas.


The eldest of five children living in southern Mexico, Ricardo was forced from a young age to work to support his family. One day after work, he was challenged to a fight. Ricardo declined and he was still jumped. Ricardo was forced to defend himself. He erupted and threw the man a little over 160 feet, and into the ocean.

After being fired by his nervous employer Ricardo cut his ties with his family, and immediately joined the XWF. He made an enormous amount of money but he found the quality of the people in the XWF were questionable (at best) and beneath contempt (at worst). When Team Tomorrow needed attractive new faces, they asked Ricardo to join. Ricardo did so.

Ricardo occasionally gets letters from his family asking for money but he throws them away.

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50 meters (164ft or 54 yards) is not that far. To put that in perspective, that is a little over half the length of an American Football field and a little under a third of a European Football field. So in order for Ricardo to have thrown someone into the Ocean from where he was standing, he had to have been a dockworker or something of that sort.