The Reverie is one of the ways Changelings are able to harvest Glamour. Its is one of the most accepted and respected ways to gain Glamour.

To experience Reverie, the Changeling has to inspire artists and other humans to produce Glamour. It is necessary for Changelings to study and get to know their subjects over a period of time. This communion helps the changeling understand what inspires a mortal, and how to best aid her in developing her creativity. Knowing the right words and ways to push a mortal to create ever greater wonders is the key to a long-lasting, and mutually beneficial, fount of Glamour for the Kithain. The more time and creativity the muse spends on the Dreamer, the better the Dreamer's art will be and the more Glamour she will produce.

A Reverie's concrete form—a novel, poem, painting, recording — eventually becomes diluted and unable to generate mote Glamour through repeated contact with mortals. A new song or play performed before a live audience may release copious amounts of Glamour, but lose much of its initial impact once it is released on CD or as a movie.

Reverie is favoured among the Seelie, also some more experienced Unseelie also choose to act as muses.

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