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Written by: Russell Bailey, David Chart, Ray Fawkes, Will Hindmarch, Howard David Ingham and Chuck Wendig. Prologue and Interludes by Chuck Wendig. Foreword by Kenneth Hite.
Developer: Ray Fawkes
Original Outline and Design: Will Hindmarch
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Production Manager: matt milberger
Art Director: Craig S Grant
Book Design: Craig S Grant
Cover Design: matt milberger
Interior Art: John Christopher, Trevor Claxton, Jeremy Enecio, Matt Hughes, Michel Koch, Mathias Kollros, Justin Norman, Matias Tapia, Rich Thomas, Cathy Wilkins
Cover Art: matt milberger
Special Thanks
Will Hindmarch, for setting the carefully braided fuse and slapping my back while I lit it.

- Ray Fawkes

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2007
Pages: 256
Year: 360
Publication #: WW25140
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-270-1
PDF: Bullet-pdf.png
Price: $31.99 U.S.

Requiem for Rome is the first historical setting for the new World of Darkness, for use with Vampire: The Requiem. It describes the Kindred society of the Roman Empire, including the Camarilla and the Julii clan.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Glory Reigns Above
The living world is civilized by the vision and the power of Rome.
But not all that walks is living, and not all that falls will die.
We Do Not Live.
We are but shadows and worms, consigned to the earth and shamed by our incompletion.
But We Are Creatures of Rome
And that which is not conquered by the children of Romulus shall submit to his brother's get.
In the name of the Republic.
In the name of the Camarilla.
--S. Julius Macellarius Corbulo
This book includes:
  • Everything you need to play Vampire: The Requiem from the earliest nights of Rome to the ruination of Kindred society, including new blood magic and a new clan!
  • A grotesque and beautiful new vision of Ancient Rome through the eyes of vampires - full of bloody passion, mystical intrigue, and glorious battle.
  • The secrets of the ancient undead, revealed at last! Learn the truth about the Camarilla, claim rule over the vampire city called Necropolis, and confront the wicked and terrifying monsters that prey on the undead - the Strix!
Requiem for Rome is a supplement for the World of Darkness game Vampire: The Requiem.

The Deathless City: Foreword by Kenneth HiteEdit

An essay discussing the ways in which historical and legendary Ancient Rome fits in with vampire tales.


Fiction. An unnamed vampire, probably of the Julii clan, goes over his note books and recounts, in a letter to his childer in the modern nights, the story of his Embrace at the hands of his sire, Decimus.


Chapter One: The History of RomeEdit

Interlude IEdit

Chapter Two: Player's GuideEdit

Interlude IIEdit

Chapter Three: Rome and NecropolisEdit

That's a clever answer to a trciky question That's a clever answer to a trciky question

Chapter Four: Storytelling and AntagonistsEdit


Background InformationEdit

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