Removers are the brute strength and paramilitary muscle of the Black Hand, the Cainites whom the dominion can point at an obstacle -whether it's a fortified bunker, a couple of archons, or the private security forces guarding the primogen's estate -and simply tell them to "remove" that obstacle.


The mission of removers is not subtlety but results, and results they achieve - usually in the most direct, blunt and violent way possible.

Removers are the front line, in-your-face troops in a siege: they are sent to "soften up" Camarilla resistance before the regular war parties arrive, or to go after the "hard targets" - the archons, notable elders or primary havens of the elite. Needless to say, the removers are the most visible of all Black Hand operatives, and the most respected by their fellow Sabbat.

This is not to say that removers are brainless grunts (at least, not most of them). While many owe their position in the Hand to their combat abilities and courage under fire, they often have alternate skills as well. Removers may be skilled drivers or pilots, sharpshooters, demolition's specialists, radio operators or even security systems hackers.

Leaders of remover Kamuts need to be able to think fast and give orders that advance the mission's objectives, including coming up with a new plan of action when the original one (as often happens) fails to survive contact with the enemy.


Caine's Chosen: the Black Hand, p. 31

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