In Wraith: The Oblivion, a relic is any item or device which crosses the Shroud with an Enfant. Relics can be anything of value to the wraith in question, but usually have a symbolic tie to the character. Most relics are ideals in some fashion - they will often replace expendable features (such as bullets) with Pathos, and generally don't break (unless they were originally broken). Relics are generally tied to a wraith's self-image and may have special capacities associated with that. Relics generally do not break, but they often fade as time erodes their significance to the wraith in question.

Relics are a significant source of wealth in Underworld society, and are commonly bartered between the dead. They can be acquired in a variety of fashions, most of them fairly brutal, although they often appear in the flotsam of the Tempest. Some of the most valuable relics have also been fashioned into Artifacts.

The reverse object of a relic is a phylactery.

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