Relics are objects with supernatural powers created through either the Lore of the Forge or the Lore of Contamination. Relics often combine the effects of several paths of Lore into one special effect, not unlike a ritual. They must be activated by a person through an act of will (Fallen have a much easier time activating relics, however, than others). Some relics can no longer be created, but others are still possible. As a general rule, more powerful relics require more exotic or spiritually significant materials.

In additional, all relics can be cursed, needing certain conditions to be fulfilled in order to use that relic. In general, these conditions are usually detrimental to the physical, emotional, or mental well-being of the user.

Relics generally fall into three categories: Enhanced, Enchanted, and Sentient.

Enhanced RelicsEdit

Enhanced relics, also called consecrated, blessed, exemplary, and hieratic items, are the easiest kind of relics to create. They are simply enhanced versions of ordinary objects. An enhanced sword may deal more damage; an enhanced computer may process much faster than an ordinary one, or a bulletproof vest may soak more damage than normal. Because of their limited abilities, the amount of Faith needed to power enhanced relics is quite small.

Enchanted RelicsEdit

Also called talismans, charms, or artifacts, enchanted relics are those items that invoke seemingly impossible effects, usually tied into the Lores of the Fallen that created it. Enchanted relics are much more difficult to create and use more Faith than an enhanced relic, but generally have a much more powerful and valuable effect.

Sentient RelicsEdit

There is a special, very rare class of relics that are known as sentient, because they have a demonic or mortal spirit trapped in the relic to activate and control it. Only a few Annunaki ever learned the combination of Lores required to make them, the most infamous among them being the Mummu Schatenkoji, who was also called the Ghostsmith. Occasionally, a skilled Fallen can make an relic both sentient and enchanted. These are among the most powerful relics a Fallen can possess.

Samples of RelicsEdit

A few well-known relics that can still be created or are new inventions are:

  • Plague Knives: Knives that poison when they cut.
  • Tesseract Generator: A spatial grenade that shatters spatial connections in a small area, trapping everybody inside a jumbled piece of reality that slowly heals over time.
  • The Cordial of Dagan: This flask imbues liquid put in it with healing properties.
  • Warriors of the Broken Ground: A cube of metal wires that can turn into one or more humanoid automata with impressive combat abilities.


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