Regnant or Domitor are terms used to describe a vampire who possesses another being through the Blood Bond.


The term "regnant" is somewhat archaic, appearing in the Old Form section of the VTM lexicon, but is nevertheless readily used by many ghouls, particularly those steeped in Kindred society and culture. A regnant or domitor is a vampire who feeds another being with his own vitae and holds a blood bond over them, who in their own turn become their Thralls.

Mortals and some non-vampiric creatures that go through this process frequently are transformed into ghouls. The power in the domitor’s blood partly carries over to the ghoul: after a drink, they gain one dot of Potence. Ghouls can also learn other Disciplines; Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence are always available, while other powers depend on what the domitor knows. Discipline levels above the first are only available to ghouls whose domitor’s Generation is lower than 8th.

A blood bond can be broken only with a great deal of effort. This requires the thrall to avoid the regnant for a great many months. The most surefire way to escape a Blood Oath is to kill a regnant, but even that is no guarantee the bond will end, leaving the thrall hopelessly in an eternal mourning for the object of her love and hate.

Revenants, unlike normal ghouls, do not have innate domitors, although some will nevertheless be subject to some vampire's blood bond; usually, the vampire in question will come from whatever clan maintains that particular revenant family. Independent ghouls, by virtue of their independence, do not have domitors, although many (perhaps most) were held in thrall by a domitor when they first became ghouls.


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