The Redline is a covenant between various Kindred that have managed to escape a Blood Hunt and now seek revenge on the Ivory Tower. Despite this, they adhere to the principles of the Masquerade, even as they shun the other five Traditions.

The Redline was founded in the early 20th century by a fugitive from New Orleans, who had managed to escape his Blood Hunt and had traveled the world to escape his pursuers, there while meeting several other vampires that had been expelled from their sect. They gathered together and swore revenge on the Camarilla, but remained Autarkis, arranging a truce with the Sabbat. The Redline is a wandering organization, as staying in one place would give the Camarilla a target. Membership numbers are also constant influx, as Neonates join and others leave (or find Final Death). Most Redliners still have their old contacts and allies, and many seek to extend their networks to bring new Kindred into their fold. Some of the Redliners have been known to retaliate a Blood Hunt by declaring a high-ranking Camarilla Elder their target and hunting him down.

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