Name: Redcap
Plural: Redcaps
Pronunciation: Red-kap
Nicknames: Powrie, dunter, bulldogs
Thallain: None.

Fear and violence spawn dreams as readily as kings or commoners, and the Redcaps are the kithain most closely tied to nightmares. They gain their name from their traditional headwear - a white cap, dyed red in their victims' blood. Though quick to anger and capable of eating literally anything, Redcaps are not always evil or even Unseelie, though Redcaps of the Seelie Court are rare and sometimes ostracised by their peers.

History Edit

Organization Edit

Culture Edit

Before the Sundering, the Seelie Redcaps were considered to be as trustworthy and loyal as trolls. Since the Resurgence, however, it has been rare to find any Seelie Redcaps - primarily because the Unseelie ones are prone to inflicting violence on them until they convert, often to the point of maiming them...or worse.

Their appetites and short tempers spring from the fact that they were born from dreams of hunger, bloodshed, and terror and their reputations reflect this. One of the more derogatory names for Redcaps is "bulldogs" - referencing the stubborn, often vicious nature of Unseelie Redcaps and their tendency to bite in conflict, and the similarities to the animal in question.

Unseelie Redcaps tend to reject the more traditional red wool cap, but always wear some form of red headgear. They also tend to take wardrobe tips from the ghetto and punk gangs they're fond of imitating - a Redcap's mortal seeming will probably include several piercings, leather jackets, and similar attire.

CTD: Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip had, at the back of the book, a collection of legends the Changelings themselves tell to each other - among them was the story that vampires are a variant of Redcaps, brought about by a Redcap in the Mythic Age breaking an oath and turning on his friend.

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