Name: Reality Stalkers
Nicknames: Sneaks
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Space

The Reality Stalkers are a Legacy that deals with with the cracks and distortions that are found throughout the Fallen World, and seek to explore or exploit them for gain.


According to the doctrine of the Reality Stalkers, the structure of the Fallen World is filled with hidden cracks through which the practitioners of this Legacy learn to peer and eventually move. Known to outsiders as Sneaks, these mages often become obsessed with such distortions in reality, and some are convinced that ancient secrets and wondrous treasures are concealed in this fashion, including potentially a physical path to the Supernal Realms. However, most Reality Stalkers are not theoreticians or mystics interested primarily in knowledge or spiritual enlightenment. Instead, the majority of Sneaks are people fascinated by all manner of secrets and hidden objects and take great joy in uncovering them.

As a result, Sneaks are eager to observe and gain access to the world's hidden places, including places purposefully hidden from thieves and intruders. Many Sneaks either seek to explore and understand the various breaks in reality or simply appreciate the beauty and wonder of such faults in space. However, an almost equal number see these cracks as little more than little-known and utterly invaluable paths to all manner of desirable goods. To many mages, Reality Stalkers have a reputation for being amoral thieves whose fascination with goods and knowledge belonging to others often verges on kleptomania. Because of the obvious dangers of this sort of exploration, occasionally members of this Legacy simply vanish and are never seen again, while others develop and unhealthy fascination with the Abyss and its denizens.

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