Ravaging is a violent means of obtaining Glamour from a Dreamer, one officially frowned upon by both Seelie and Unseelie changelings.

When Ravaging, a changeling forces a certain amount of Banality into their target, allowing them to rip loose an equal amount of Glamour. This often involves provoking an emotionally jarring experience. The target is left feeling drained and depressed for days afterwards, and repeated Ravaging can have an effect similar to Rhapsody, destroying the Dreamer's ability to create and imagine. It also risks adding to the changeling's own Banality, making it risky as a go-to source of Glamour.

Seelie changelings rarely Ravage, as they are appalled by the harm it does. While the Unseelie officially frown on it as well, in practice they consider it a necessary evil, especially for childlings who may lack the social skills to harvest Glamour through less violent means.

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