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Ratti-Ben, the Sister of Blood, is one of the most prominent Tzimisce of India.


The world is forever fluid, infinitely mutable, eternally new. This is the secret of change, that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, waiting only for a cunning hand to unleash them.
  — Ratti-Ben, Sister of Blood

Ratti-ben is the eldest childe of Kartarirya, the Tzimisce overlord of Sri Lanka, and assumed leadership over her brood after Kartarirya fell into Torpor. Ratti-Ben loves her country with zealous devotion and believes it is a living, breathing organism like any other creature. She has seen India’s great population assimilate invader after invader or, eventually, reject them forcibly.

Unlike many within her brood, Ratti-Ben could best be described as a terrorist, trying to usurp the rule of the Ravnos and oust the British Ventrue and Toreador from the Indian subcontinent. Her clan, long the underdogs in India’s political games and power plays, often resorted to blatant acts of violence to keep the other clans preoccupied with the backlash. In the 20th century alone, Ratti-Ben and her progeny ensured that states in Northern India stayed violent and dissatisfied, to undermine regional Ravnos rule.

With the destruction of the ancient Ravnos, however, the Fiends started a trend that is reversing India’s advancement. The Tzimisce supported the Dalits, once known as the untouchables, in attacking the Raj Brahman caste. Ironically, the lower castes are acutely aware of the changing world around them, thanks to television and newspapers. Now they want more, and over the last two decades, they’ve been getting it. The Fiends have destabilized the holdings of political enemies and have grown to become India’s preeminent clan. As result, many Tzimisce employ envoys to negotiate with their distant cousins in an effort to use India as the staging ground for the Sabbat’s crusade into Asia. Ratti-Ben's strong ties with prominent Tzimisce like Sascha Vykos make a joining of both forces ever more likely, in the future.

Ratti-Ben draws her herd and her followers from India’s downtrodden and often discarded populace, be they low-caste or widowed wives. Ratti-Ben makes her haven in an abandoned temple in Vrindavan and employs dozens of old crones to sing her name during the day. She takes her ghouls and vitae from this surfeit of misery. When she does offer the Embrace to the rare servant, her progeny is all the more eager to strike back at the system that threw her into abject poverty for years.


Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised

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