Rathmonicus was a True Brujah Elder with ties to the Tal’Mahe’Ra.

Many True Brujah have come to see Rathmonicus as the embodiment of Troile’s ideals about Perfection. After traveling extensively and talking to all the members of the bloodline he could find, Rathmonicus made his haven close to Jerusalem and began to codify all the information he had gathered concerning Troile’s quest for Perfection. During the Dark Ages, he had distributed several copies of his Codex, which he claims is far from finished, to interested Sages around the known world. These codices and those that followed would later lay the ground-work for the Path of the Scorched Heart, which epitomized the drive towards logic and perfection within the True Brujah. Rathmonicus fell during the troubles of the Anarch Revolt.

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