Rage card depicting Rat.


Garou glyph for Rat.

Rat is a totem of War and favors winning through stealth and guile or by swarming over his foes in overwhelming numbers. Children of Rat fight dirty. They strike from hiding and bite hard and deep.

Rat exists in several forms. As the Rat God he chitters to his children to tear down everything in an orgy of death and destrution. He gnaws at the webs of the Weaver, trying to free Gaia from its clutches.

As Mamma Rat, she is a gentler totem, concerned with protecting the downtrodden in the cities. She is especially fond of children and cubs and will urge her followers to protect them from harm.

The Ratkin get along better with the children of Rat than with most other Garou, but they still do not trust them very much. Nonetheless, Rat is the tribal totem of the Bone Gnawers.


Rage card depicting Rat.


Werewolf: The Apocalypse p.295

Breedbook Ratkin

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