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Rant: Informal meetings of Brujah and other clans and even humans are invited to join in and speak their view. However in such things one has to shout to get attention to what they are saying loudest voices are often heard. During such events one can get clues as to where the next Rant or Rave will be held.

Rave: Formal meetings of the Brujah and other beings from different clans and even a few humans.These are huge social gatherings often masked by entertainment events such as Concerts, Protest Rallies, or Anarcist group meetings to bash the "man". These events are well orginized and in a Brujah fashion formal as the clan of Rabble ever get. Speakers all get a turn to speak unlike a Rant where they shout a point while many others are shouting. Clues to the next Rant and Rave can be found here as well.

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