Randy "Ramrod" Zelley is a Gangrel vampire who is active in the Chicago area.

Background Edit

Randy Zelley was tearing up the racing circuit in the 1950s when an accident on his Harley left him badly torn up. The doctors gave him no chance of walking, let alone riding, ever again. Tyrus had been watching him for some time; unwilling to let this promised young biker lose the freedom of riding, Tyrus approached him in the hospital and offered him release from pain and suffering. The next night, Randy, taking the name Ramrod, rode the streets once more.

Ramrod survived the Lupine attack during the War of Chicago, but the damage he took has left him hesitant and unsure of himself. He is now less willing to risk combat, and has added two ghouls to the Wolf Pack to serve as his bodyguards. Anthius suspects Ramrod's problem, but has no evidence.

Appearance Edit

A dashingly handsome young man - jet-black hair, pale skin and piercing green eyes. Looks a lot like Beckham.

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