The Cainite vampires of India practice a form of blood sorcery called Sadhana, which predates the prominent Tremere of modern nights by thousands of years. An undead practitioner of Sadhana is known as a raktasadhu, which translates as "blood worker". The Cainite bloodlines with deep roots in India are the Daitya, Danava, Nagaraja, Eastern Ravnos, and Wu Zao.  Despite the fact that there are Indian Cainites who do not practice Sadhana, the plural term raktasadhus is still sometimes used to collectively refer to all Indian Cainites, largely because they have as of yet neglected to formalize their web of ephemeral allegiances into an actual sect or Court.  Those allegiances might not even have come into existence at all though if it were not for the opposition from the Cathayan vampires of the Infinite Thunders Court of southern India and the Golden Court of eastern India.