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Umbra was the second set for the Rage CCG. It was the smallest of the sets at under 100 cards and was only sold in boosters. Every Garou tribe got one new character in Umbra, plus two new Fera were introduced with a single character each (the Corax and the Nuwisha).

Despite its small size, Umbra introduced three new card types and expanded one subtype.

Caerns first appeared in Umbra and allowed Garou to step sideways and enter the Umbra. The Umbra had been introduced in the Limited edition, but only as a sort of 'safety zone' that you could flee to via the card Umbral Escape or Umbral Quest. Other that, you could not do anything else there. Umbra fleshed it out into its own parallel world that you could now visit and explore. Caerns have appeared in every set since Umbra.

Quests first appeared in Umbra. Some cards in Limited edition were later reprinted in Unlimited as Quests (Umbral Quest being the prime example). Quests would give you points for having characters complete specific actions in a specific manner. Quests have appeared in every set since Umbra.

Realms were specific areas of the Umbra that the pack could control. All Realms were foil chase cards. Unlike other sets, the chase cards for Umbra appeared two to a box. There were also only five of them, so the set was very easy to collect. They have only appeared in two other sets Wyrm and War of the Amazon. They were banned from tournament play for several years, but after a rules revision in 2002, are now legal for use again.

Umbra expanded the number of combat cards that used Gnosis. Umbral Escape was introduced in Limited/Unlimited and used Gnosis. However, Umbra introduced three cards that did damage and were only usable in the Umbra. The only set that Gnosis-based combat action appeared in was the fan-made Intermezzo.

The Umbra also introduced one new mechanic, spirit binding. This allows characters to turn spirits they defeat in combat into allies instead of just simply killing them. They are worth fewer points, but can also be used to kill opponents.

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