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Periphery was the second fan made set for Rage: Apocalypse. It was released for Lupercalia (February 15) 2004.

Periphery was the second set in the New England block of fan-made cards and introduced roughly 38 new cards. A new submechanic, Loyalty, was also introduced. It was designed as a counterbalance to Rivalry, which had appeared in Legacy of the Tribes. Loyalty basically prevents a character with it from voluntarily attacking the object of its Loyalty. Periphery also included some characters with Loyalty, a Moot to give a target Loyalty, and an Action that was only usable by creatures with Loyalty.

A set of auto-attacking and defending Bane characters called the Dark Trinity were the most notable characters in the set. They automatically added to 20 Renown, making a Dark Trinity deck easy to assemble for new players. Periphery was also loaded down with items for the Banes to use.

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