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The first set of the Rage CCG was sold as both starter decks, double starters, and booster packs. Starter decks contained 60 cards, at least 20 of which were combat cards, and at least 5 of which ere characters. The rest were sept cards. They were not preconstructed, so it was often difficult to make a playable deck out of what came in a starter.

Cards were arranged in the standard common, uncommon, and rare assortment. There were also 13 chase cards which came one to a box of starters. The Past Lives were foil embossed, and may be the earliest instance of a foiled chase card in CCGs.

Unlimited edition can be distinguished by the absence of a hologram in the lower right corner. Limited edition has the hologram, as do all other Rage: Apocalypse sets. Unlimited wasn't a true second edition, as it was released within a few months of Limited as a second run. A handful of cards changed card type or artwork. Some had glaring errors on them fixed, but by and large there were no changes to the wording of 98% of the cards.

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Rage Official Expansion Sets

Wizards of the Coast

Basic (1995) (Limited · Unlimited) · Umbra (1995) · Wyrm (1995) · War of the Amazon (1996) · Legacy of the Tribes (1996)

Five Rings
(Tribal War):

Rage Across Las Vegas: Phase 1 (1998) · Phase 2 (1998) · Phase 3 (1998) · Phase 4 (1998) · Phase 5 (1998) · Phase 6 (1998) · Equinox (1999)

Miscellaneous Cards:

Promotional cards (1995-1996)

Azrael Productions Fan Expansion Sets

Apocalypse Fan Sets:

Intermezzo (2003) · Periphery (2004) · Gauntlet (2004) · Coda (2005) · Rage's Least Wanted (2006) · War Council (2006) · Rainmakers (2007) · Rainfall (2008) · Sahel (2009) · Hellcats (2011) · Ambush at the Apophis Pipeline (2012) · Curse of Set (2012) · Call of the Sea (2013) · Chulorviah (2013) · Rokea (2013) · Sea Dogs (2014)

Tribal War Fan Sets:

Web of Deceit (2004) · Christmas Present '04 (2004)

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