the Unquenchable







Rachlav also known as the Unquenchable, was a sixth generation Tzimisce, childe of Noriz and one of his favorites.


His nickname suited him. He and his sire have a startling number of similarities in temperament, including the inability to hear the word ‘no.’ For a time he was served by Ilias cel Frumos, for he desired the honor that would accrue to him, hosting a koldun in his domains. However, the latter departed after a year and a night, as was his right, and Rachlav chose not to pursue him.

He has been at war with his brother Lukasz since before 1100. There was some sordid little humiliation at the heart of it, something about a mortal favored by them both, and quite a bit of bloodshed and mutual provocation since. They detest each other thoroughly (but apparently they detest the Tremere even more).

Noriz himself found their little quarrel amusing, and had no intention of doing anything to halt it. Noriz favors bloodshed as an entertainment, so long as the blood being spilt is not his own.


Dark Ages Clan Novel: Tzimisce, p. 77, etc

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