Name: Quiescent
Nicknames: Liars
Path: any
Order: any
Arcana: Time

The Quiescent are a modern Legacy that has been founded by three mages of different Paths. The Quiescent accept the Quiescence and seek to practice magic that does not disturb the Sleep of their fellow humans.


The origin of the Quiescent lies in three Awakened war veterans of World War II. When they reunited afterwards, all of them had realized something the orders would never could: Humanity was leaving magic behind. Magic was powerful and amazing, but it was slow, and everything that the three of them could see pointed to the future being all about speed, efficiency, and mass production.

The three of them, however, did not decide to destroy all magic (like Banishers would have done), but instead chose to focus on working their arts in the confines of the Fallen World. That means that the mage should have some grounding in physics and probably other scientific fields as well, and Quiet mentors often counsel their pupils not to rely on the propensity of Sleepers to shrug off weird occurrence.

Among modern Consilia, the Quiet are seen with suspicion. Their denial to embrace magic has been interpretated as a Seer front and some pupils of the Legacy have fallen into shady areas of the law in order to ensure their own survival.


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