A network of gay, bisexual and transgender novas who support gay rights. Although they are only an informal group, their nominal leader is "Ironskin" Andy Vance. Known nova members include Novox star Tommy Orgy, drag queen artist Glamora, Queen of the Glamazons, Vance's Elite husband Jake "The Dragon" Korelli, the S&M dom the Master, and Team Tomorrow members Ragnarockette and Ana Gracia Terexia.

The QNA has lent support and funding to various baseline associations such as local and national gay support centres and larger events such as the Gay Games. It is careful to not attract any negative press which could undermine their own support, and Vance tries to keep the members "in line" as much as possible - the last thing the QNA wants is a Nova with the ability to "turn people queer", for instance. Organisations such as the Church of Michael Archangel say that organisations such as the QNA are proof positive that Novas are direct agents of the devil.

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