Quaesitors are a branch of archons made almost entirely Tremere vampires. They tend to all the Camarilla sorcerous needs, whether its combating Sabbat's koldun, mages, or hunting rogue Tremere.


Unique among the factions of archons, the Quaesitors are a single-clan (or at least very nearly single-clan) group. Made up mostly of Tremere thaumaturges, the Quaesitors serve the Camarilla as roving judges, mediators and tacticians in all matters magical. Their forte lies in dealing with Sabbat koldun and Setite sorcerers, mortal mages and even rogue Tremere within the Camarilla's own ranks.

If any group of archons is less trusted than the doppelgangers, it is the Quaesitors. Few among the Kindred believe that these Warlocks have truly placed the good of the Camarilla above their own objectives and those of their clan. Some vampires maintain that the Quaesitors' true purpose is to hunt down and destroy all non-Tremere thaumaturges. Even the name "Quaesitor" comes from the Tremere, having been both the name of a now-defunct secret society within the clan and that of a House of Hermetic mages centuries before that.

As the Quaesitors often stand alone while holding the line against sorcerous threats, the justicars are taking steps to make the group seem more trustworthy to other Kindred. Quaesitors only rarely serve under the Tremere Justicar, and the justicars require them to submit to blood bonds more frequently than other archons. The justicars are also attempting to increase the non-Tremere presence in the faction, but as a Quaesitor is required, by definition, to possess a mastery of blood magic, these efforts have so far proven largely difficult.

Those few blood sorcerers in the Camarilla who aren't Tremere are unwilling to put their unlives in the hands of companions who see them as little more than rivals.


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