Qingu, the Visage of Radiance is the Apocalyptic Forms of the Namaru who specialize in the Lore of Radiance.

The Qingu are beautiful, statuesque, radiant winged creatures, with eyes that pierce all concealment. When they become consumed with Torment, their beauty becomes alien, cruel, and cold, and they grow horns and spit acid. They are not as prone to becoming ruthless monsters as the other Namaru forms, but instead push humans relentlessly, usually towards destruction.

The abilities and Visage of the Qingu did not exist until after the Rebellion. Many faithful Heralds, particularly Michael, despised the Qingu as perverted, lesser versions of their own abilities and jobs. The Qingu used their powers to inspire humans, much like their more powerful cousins the Bel. During the War of Wrath, the Qingu were valued for their natural ability to determine true rebels over loyalist angels. They also made excellent tacticians and record-keepers.

Background informationEdit

Qingu was a consort of the goddess Tiamet in Babylonian mythology. He is eventually killed by Marduk after killing Tiamet, and his blood is used to create man.

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