Name: Pygmalian Society
Nicknames: Pygmalians, Sculptors
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Mind

The Pygmalian Society are a Legacy that deals with the influence of Art. A Pygmalian develops the ability to sense the interplay of time and fate in the lives of the people around him, experiencing an intense kind of synesthesia. He can smell pain, hear joy, taste anger. The most talented Pygmalians can see human destinies laid out before them in tastes and colors. These Pygmalians sense the weft and weave of destiny and possibility. Then they embroider with new potentials for inspiration. They want to create a path that the Awakened lies the Awakening of every man, woman, and child on the planet.


The Pygmalians believe that Art is one of the last things that still link the Sleepers to the Supernal realm. True Art -- great Art -- molds and shapes human history. Great Art inspires people. Great Art incites anger. Great Art provokes action. Through the creation of Art and themselves as Artworks, the Pygmalians seek to effect change. An inspired human soul leads to action, and history takes a new course. These mages recognized from the very beginning that the power of Disbelief stops their magic from altering the world in any but the smallest way, so the Pygmalians work to inspire and change the minds and souls of Sleepers with the power to do the same. Through the Pygmalians' art, they inspire artists, who in turn have the potential to create something great.

The actual medium of the Pygmalians' Art is open -- any art, high or low, can change things. The Sculptors are obsessed with finding an object of true inspiration that will bring about history-changing art. Charles Dickens wrote a few works of fiction and ignited Western society's conscience toward the urban poor. Renaissance painters invented perspective drawing, and a mathematics of space that redefined the world. The writers and translators of the Bible changed the course of human history many times over. Change happens around the Pygmalians. They are not always the direct cause, but they're always there, nudging things along. People fall in love. Scientists find new insights into the nature of things. Revolutions begin, or end in blood and fire. Whatever the Pygmalians do, they accept no barriers to their Art. With no boundaries, it's inevitable that some Sculptors go bad. These fallen Pygmalians don't confine their Art within moral limits. A Pygmalian might commit atrocities to effect the inspiration of a single individual. A Pygmalian's deeds can easily result in dozens of lives ruined or ended at a single stroke. Love ends more easily than it begins. Even the most noble of revolutions can descend into tyranny. These ruthless mages give the Pygmalian Society the bad reputation it currently suffers among the Awakened.

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