Reality Maker
Name: Pure Sovereigns
Nicknames: Blue Bloods
Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Life

The Pure Sovereigns are Legacy that are dedicated to their own perfection- be it physical or mental. As a side effect, most develop superiority complexes.


The Pure Sovereigns use the knowledge of this path to power to transform themselves into exceptional physical and mental specimens, beings that are truly fit to rule over normal people. These mages are healthier, faster, longer-lived and brighter than ordinary Mortals. They become physical and mental paragons who consider themselves above the ordinary ranks of humanity. The fact that most of them live as much as a century longer than ordinary mortals only serves to help maintain the distance between them and others. The Pure Sovereigns prefer to socialize with their own kind or with other mages who have also learned to master their bodies and minds. Most of the Pure Sovereigns consider both Sleepers and Mages incapable of these feats to be somewhat inferior beings. Blue Bloods make permanent changes in the way their bodies and possibly their minds work. These changes also profoundly affect the way most of the members of this Legacy see themselves. Suddenly, many of the problems that afflict others cease to affect Blue Bloods. Feeling tiredness, anger, or even remembering an unfortunate mistake all now become choices. After a few months or years of living with these Attainments, Blue Bloods often begin to forget others lack the benefits they have. As a result, when someone complains about being tired or unhappy or even comes down with a minor ailment, many Blue Bloods begin thinking these people must be either weak or lazy. As others age while they do not, most Blue Bloods become even more distant from the people around them.

Some use their physical and mental prowess to become extreme hedonists who need never worry about hangovers, diseases, or excessive fatigue. However, these Blue Bloods are rare exceptions who are often regarded as failures by their fellows. Most are passionately dedicated to accomplishing some goal and simply wish to avoid having their bodies or their minds interfere in any way with their ability to succeed.

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