The Purchase Pact was a simple non-aggression treaty observed by the Sabbat of the early 1800s, which supposedly ended the infighting that was masked by the American Revolutionary War.


During Sabbat Civil Wars the Camarilla had been able to establish several footholds in the New World that threatened the superiority of the Sabbat in the colonies. Therefore many Cainites argued for the necessity of a ceasefire, (notably, Radu Szantovich became famed for his efforts to form the Pact).

Under Regent Gorchist, the Purchase Pact marked the enemy stereotypes of the sabbat, the pawns of the antediluvians, especially the elders who controlled the Camarilla, and the antediluvians themselves and directed the aggression of the Sabbat against them instead of infighting. Everyone who threatened these goals would be declared the target of a blood hunt.


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