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The Contracts of Punishing Summer are a set of changeling abilities found in CTL: Lords of Summer Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip. They are most commonly used by Lost of the Summer Court.

Contracts of war and fighting, these clauses exemplify the Summer Court's philosophy of bringing the fight to the enemy.


  • Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Smoldergrip - A changeling infuses an object with the blistering heat of noon, making it hard for others to hold.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Battle Bright - Summoning the glare of the summer sun, a changeling can blind those not protected by the Mantle of the Summer Court.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Crown of Clashing Fire - A changeling surrounds himself and his foe with a ring of burning thorns to ensure their duel is unintterupted.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun - Those struck by the changeling's attacks are afflicted with heat stroke and sun poisoning.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet Scorched Earth - A changeling bakes the area around them, afflicting it with drought and blight.


Changeling: The Lost Contracts


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