Psychics are otherwise normal humans that have access to supernatural talents originating from their minds.


No one knows where Psychics originate. Some ascribe it to the doings of angels, demons, aliens or governmental conspiracies, others believe that psychic talents are a latent gift of humanity and that Psychics represent those "advanced" enough to harness it, while some believe that a Psychic is actually the embryonic form of another form of supernaturals, like mages. There are even a rare group of persons that are completly immune to any psychic attempt to interact with them.

While Psychics have likely existed always alongside normal humans, the modern century and the development of the scientific method saw numerous tests trying to prove or disprove the existence of psychics. Unfortunately, such efforts are hampered by the widespread presence of quacks, charlatans and New Age dilettantes who use inconsistent terminology to describe psi phenomena.

Psychic abilities are divided into four groups: ESP (the ability to perceive things that lie beyond the mundane senses of normal people), psychokinesis (the ability to affect the physical environment with the mind), mediumism (the ability to interact with various non-corporeal entities) and telepathy (the ability to interact with the mind and emotions of other people). When a Psychic is transformed into another supernatural creature, he loses his psychic abilities, but might transfer some of its abilities into corresponding powers befitting his new template.


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