Pseulak, called the Minister of Deception and Lul-Rihur, is one of the nine Maeljin who rule the dark parts of the Shadow.


He preys on the need for secrecy in the lives of the Uratha, who already live two lives as they keep their true nature from family and neighbors. Lul-Rihur offers power in this practice, rewarding those clever enough to live a third secret life as they keep their pledge to the Maeljin from their packmates. Bale Hounds following Pseulak are masters of deception and they use this to sow discord and division among their pack. They turn packmates against each other, ruin or steal other werewolves' families, and plant evidence against their fellows. All of this they accomplish while keeping their true nature hidden, pretending to be loyal members of the pack until the trap is complete and they are ready to spring it. When they do, the ensuing chaos usually destroys the pack and the Bale Hound can move on to his next victims.

Pseulak's favored avatar is the Connoiseur, a repulsive spirit that always appears differently when manifesting in the physical realm, though he can be marked by lacking any fingerprints. The Connoiseur got his name from his habit of eating roaches like delicacies, but his main focus when manifested is spreading lies and distrust.

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