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In the Mage: the Awakening rulebook reference is made to certain Sleepwalkers who are both particularly valued and particularly bothersome. These Sleepwalkers, represented in-game by having an additional one-dot Merit on top of the Sleepwalker Merit, are characterized by the inexplicable frequency with which they become involved in Supernatural and uncanny affairs.

Some have suggested that these proximi, as they are called, are on the cusp of Awakening, and indeed statistically speaking they awaken to Magedom far more often than the general population. The reasons for this are unknown.

Some of these "lucky" (whether this is fair or foul luck is debated) individuals apparently inherit their condition by heredity, and some Mages take great interest in these families, beyond even their value as servants who don't count as Witnesses to Magic and their much greater chance of producing an Awakened Mage. The origin of their endemic proclivity to both attract and stumble across mysterious and uncanny affairs is widely debated; many speculate it resulted from long ago attempts to breed Mages.

The Silver Ladder book further expanded on this concept: most prominent among these Lineage Families were those who produced scions born with magical gifts that mimicked rotes (purchased with merit points), this book included examples of families of this type who were closely associated with the self-proclaimed rightful leaders of the Atlantean Diamond, having often produced a few Silver Ladder Mages each generation-such as one family that claims descent from the Merovingian Kings. Rules are included for these magicaly gifted individuals as a Minor Template. Other books have included other families, such as the Myrmidons, who have long provided elite foot-soldiers for particularly favored Seers of the Throne who needed unquestionably loyal muscle.

A Proximus who later Awakens retains the Magical Boons that they developed as gifted Proximi.

These talented "Illuminated Dynasties" with active gifts have been the subject of all subsequent mentions of Proximi .

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