The Proclamation of Red Tears was issued by the Clan Elders of the Followers of Set during the purge Baybars, the first Mameluke king of Egypt, had issued. After the main temple at Ombos was sacked by the Muslims, fear gripped the Elders and they chose to decentralize the Clan. The Followers of Set carried away every scroll and artifact they could manage to the temples of other lands, thus temporarily abandoning their ancestral homeland. Many of these treasures never returned.

After these events, many Methuselahs accepted teeth-gnashingly that they never would be able to expel foreign influences from their home. Many other, under them some of the Hierophants, chose to enter Torpor, hidden away in their ancient tombs and wait until Set himself would lead the Clan again. Up to this day, Baybars is the most hated mortal in the entire history of the whole Clan.

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