Name: Princes of Many Masks
Nicknames: Imposters
Path: Acanthus
Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Life

The Princes of the Many Masks are a Legacy that deal heavily with identity fraud and mimicking others for information-gathering purposes.


Becoming someone else is not merely any exceptionally useful method of accomplishing various goals; this process is also either an exceptionally exciting challenge, a profoundly personal calling or often both. Few members of this Legacy use their abilities purely for professional purposes. Most spend at least some of their leisure time impersonating someone else purely for the enjoyment of doing so. From appearing as a well-known celebrity, going to a fancy restaurant and asking for the bill to be put on your tab, to performing a daring daylight robbery, eluding pursuit for a moment and drastically changing their appearance or having half a dozen legal identities, each with a drastically different appearance, the ability to easily disguise themselves as someone else offers members of this Legacy a vast array of minor benefits for mages willing to freely change their bodies.

Imposters are simultaneously a highly secretive and a relatively social and active Legacy. Members regularly meet to share information and to exchange news of opportunities for their services. However, they do so with little formal hierarchy. Status in this Legacy is based upon a mixture of skill and personal accomplishment and there are no formal leaders. Instead, every member is trained by a mentor who decides whether or not to train them. The majority of members keep their actual identities secret, always appearing as someone else when they meet their fellows. Most members simply identify themselves by name, regardless of what they may look like, but some also use various visual clues, such as always wearing a particular combination of colors or some other obvious marker, like a unique piece of jewelry. Determining whether or not someone is impersonating another member is difficult. However, the one law among the Imposters is that members must reveal their true Shadow Name if they are asked by three or more members of this Legacy at the same gathering.

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