Primum is a trait of the Unchained that is first created when he severs contact to the God-Machine during his Fall.


The process turns the Demon into a "closed loop" of being: Existing because of himself and requiring himself to continue existing. Demons believe it is this fundamental act of self-actualization that gives them truly free will, and thus refer to it as the "First Movement." No longer a part of the God-Machine, the demon is now fully a creature of reality as humans know it.

Primum defines how strong a demon is integrated into reality and processes his Covers. Primum grows the more the Demon emancipates himself from his time as an Angel and turns into its own being. Higher Primum rates usually allow the demon to better grasp the occult mathematics that are the base of its Embeds and Exploits and process Aether more effectively. Higher Primum also infects Covers with glitches, as the essence of the demon becomes more potent and bleeds into its fake identities.