Nicknames: Monkey Skinners, Exterminators, Scythes

On the surface, it often seems that the Primacy and NV are one and the same, but whereas NV is a reactionary group, the Primacy is active in promoting their agenda of a nova nation and the supremacy of the One Race. While NV acts in the open, the Primacy prefers influencing (read: threatening) leaders and conducting acts of terrorism and sabotage. Among the most radical Terats, the Primacy, headed by Shrapnel and The Confederate, are ardent believers in nova supremacy. To them, baselines are untalented, pointless wastes of skin (read: second-class citizens); it's the talking monkeys who should serve novas, not the other way around. Shrapnel has personally witnessed the callous disregard most baseline organizations (Utopia especially) have toward the One Race, and she knows they must be stopped.

Membership: Shrapnel and The Confederate are the heart and soul of the faction. Their respective contacts with the old guard and the newer members make the faction very influential. The Primacy attracts those Terats tired of the abuse their kind suffers at the hands of baselines and are in need of some revenge. Similar to NV, the Primacy is more radical, straddling the line between terrorist and insurgents. Younger Terats, those driven by power, have flocked to the movement, their heads filled with visions of new Eden ruled by novas.

Motivations: In the past, the Primacy was mainly a political movement, but since The Confederate's arrival, they have stepped up their anti-baseline campaign. To the Primacy, the time for debate is over. The One Race cannot and will not exist in servitude, and there will come a time when novas will have had enough and rise up against their oppressors. The zeal of their supremacist doctrine grows with each passing day.

Allies and Foes: The Primacy is responsible for NV's growing radicalism, turning the watchdog group into its own militant arm. Shrapnel and her followers are the de facto leaders of the radical, attracting Zia and his Harvesters to her banner and alienating the likes of The Mathematician and Orzaiz.

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