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Latin for "before the bite"

Premascines are Giovanni vampires who were Embraced before the diablerie of Cappadocius.


The Premascines are members of the Giovanni family, but are separated from the main clan by their old age, strong powers, and their choice of habitat; Premascines generally live in the canals underneath Venice. They live on the blood of the sea life and the occasional human they surface to drain. Under there they conduct bizarre and powerful necromantic experiments which they only occasionally inform the rest of the clan about. They are largely a footnote to Giovanni existence, although an inordinately powerful and foul-tempered one.[1]

The term "Premascine" is sometimes used as an umbrella term for all vampires who were Embraced into the Clan of Death before the diablerie of Cappadocius: in other words, it includes not only the eldest Giovanni but also the surviving Cappadocians, some of whom are now Harbingers of Skulls.


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