Birth Name: Pratima Basham
Chosen Name: Splash
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Before January 1, 1999
Place of Origin: South India, along the Mari River
Occupation: Leader Team Tomorrow-Asia/Pacific
Default Association: Team Tomorrow

Pratima "Splash" Basham is the current leader of Team Tomorrow-Asia/Pacific. She is very loyal to Project Utopia and extremely honorable. She dislikes Team Tomorrow Leader Caestus Pax.


Pratima grew up in one of the small communities that florished on the the Mari River in southern India. When Pratima and her newlywed husband took a boat trip out, the boat ran aground and sank. Pratima was the only one to survive, having been washed ashore by the waves. Afterwards, Pratima noticed she had remarkable control of water. Her father, a doctor convinced her to go to the newly formed Project Utopia to see if they could help her with her powers. Project Utopia for their part saw her as intelligent, driven, attractive, and powerful... exactly what was needed for the Public Relations project they had been working on: Team Tomorrow. Pratima worked at being a team player, when it came time to form Team Tomorrow-Asia/Pacific she volunteered to lead it, partially to be near her family, partially to be away from Caestus Pax's raging ego.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

Pratima is pleased to be a part of Team Tomorrow but the rumors of Project Utopia's ethically challanged behavior makes her wonder about their honor...

Contradictory InformationEdit

It says that Pratima was taken to a Rashoud facility after she erupted to help her learn to use her powers.[1] The first Rashoud facility was opened in Midtown Manhattan January 8, 1999[2] However, by that point Pratima is already part of the newly formed Team Tomorrow[3]

It is not canon but the only thing I can think of to keep this information from contradicting itself is that Pratima and a few others were guinea pigs testing out the Rashoud facility before it went online. Storytellers are free to think of their own reasons.


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