The Praedicanda (lit. "most renowned", singular Praedicandus) were the ancient Elders of the Brujah, who strove for the Olympian Ideal as detailed by the Brujah philosopher Heracleitus.


In most cases Greek natives, the Praedicanda refrained from the Cainite politics of the Long Night, but nonetheless sired childer in order to preserve their ideals and use them to influence mortals to finally come together and build a perfect society. Most of the Praedicanda saw the athenian democracy as the best chance for a perfect society, because the empowerment of the common man also weakened the Ventrue and Lasombra authorities that dominated the landscape. Many Brujah, however, resented the Praedicanda for not sending aid to their clanmates in Carthage.

The Praedicanda met every year at the Acrocorinthus, a mountain fortress near Corinth, where they debated their successes and theories for many nights. Their havens also contained great treasures, original scriptures from Antiquity and treatises pinned down by Salubri Warriors during the Baali Wars, as well as knowledge of Dark Thaumaturgy and other dark arts that threatened the early clan.

It is not known if any of the Praedicanda survived into the Final Nights, but the title became obsolete once the Brujah became the clan of rebellious punks found in many cities of the Camarilla.