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If you're looking for the homonymous sourcebook, you might also check: Possessed (book).

Possessed is a term used to describe those who have been permanently possessed and transformed by a spirit serving one of the four major Celestines (Gaia and the Triat). Each Possessed gains an appropriate "Taint".


Any spirit that knows the Possession charm can attempt to possess a mortal (or rarely some other entity); the resulting possessed being will fall into one of four types, depending on which Celestine the spirit ultimately serves.

There are four types of possessed:

  • Fomori, servants of the Wyrm, were mortals (or rarely animals or, rarer still, fera) before being possessed by bane-spirits. Fomori are by far the most common of the possessed; many of them are created almost incidentally by Pentex subsidiaries or other sources of Wyrm-taint. Fomori and Black Spiral Dancers both serve as the shock troops of the Wyrm.
  • Drones, servants of the Weaver, were mortals (or, rarely, fera or other supernaturals) before possession by Weaver-spirits. Unlike the others, drones effectively surrender their will and identity to their Celestine patron upon possession; this homogenization increases as they attain greater Clarification.
  • Gorgons, servants of the Wyld. The Fera assert that gorgons, unlike the other possessed, are never made from humans; they are all animals, plants, bygones, or natural phenomena before their possession by Wyld-spirits. Also unlike the others, each gorgon appears to be unique; the Fera have no records of any "breeds" of gorgons.
  • Kami, the servants of Gaia. Any creature or physical aspect of Gaia can be possessed by a Gaian spirit: mortals, animals, plants, and even locations have become kami. Kami are much rarer than the Triat-empowered possessed, but are also the only possessed who are likely to form any sort of alliance with the Garou or other Gaian fera.


  • You might also check the article on Exaltation, which is a similar imbuing of agents by rival gods in the Age of Sorrows.



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