Name: Pooka
Plural: Pookas
Pronunciation: Poo-ka
Thallain: Beasties

Pranksters and comedians, Pooka are well-loved by kithain and mortal alike, but few who know them well ever trust them completely: they are incapable of telling the whole truth. Each is able to take on the form of a specific animal, most often one with a tie to human stories of mischief.

History Edit

Organization Edit

Culture Edit

Relation to other SupernaturalsEdit

Everyone who knows about pooka view them as either an annoyance or as a source of wonderful amusement. It is considered to be suicidal to harm a pooka in the presence of supernaturals that like them, as many groups are willing to put aside their differences to defend the pooka.

Version Differences Edit


Changeling: The Dreaming kith

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