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Giovanni (Pisanob)




Mireya Diaz y de Hierro (1929 CE)


Clan Giovanni



Pochtli is the head of the Pisanob branch of the Giovanni family and a fervent enemy of Sabbat control in South America. He is rumored to be a Premascine and a survivor of clan Cappadocian, but no concrete proof exist. Pochtli is hideously ugly and never leaves his temple sanctuary, instead relying on a network of spies and servants known collectively as the camazotz.


As the progenitor of the Pisanob, some say Pochtli resembles the fanged and feathered gods of Mesoamerican mythology. Pochtli works through a network of agents and spies known as the camazotzes, who attend to his needs and do his bidding.

His sanctum is a decrepit Aztec temple in the heart of Mexico. Instead of leaving, he sends his agents do his bidding. He constantly wars with the Sabbat, who are a never ending threat to the safety of the Mexican people. Pochtli regularly uses captured Sabbat members for necromantic and thaumaturgical experiments. Mexican Sabbat greatly fear him, for he is known to steal their souls and trap them forever in unwilling servitude. Numerous attacks against him have failed, as he keeps legions of zombies and camazotz ghouls by his side.

Pochtli has made a few recent discoveries reported to the Venetian Giovanni which have caused quite a stir. Through his traffic of wraiths and spirits of Mexico, he has discovered information on the shadowy group of Sabbat known as the Harbingers of Skulls, and reports also that there have been mass slayings of Tremere antitribu by unknown forces of late.

Apparently the Harbingers of Skulls have come out of long hiding, but their motives and actions are unknown. Wraiths speak fearfully of the Harbingers of Skulls, saying that the fire of vengeance surrounds them. Pochtli hears these warnings with grim resolve, and his wraith contacts all agree on the gravity of these Sabbat Kindred's presence.

The shifting tides of the Sabbat war toll heavily on Pochtli and his Pisanob Giovanni, once quite numerous, reportedly dwindle by the year. The Giovanni elders reputedly grow concerned over the performance of their "cousin", though no action has yet been taken.