The psychokinetic’s power can go beyond simple cause and effect at this stage - he can now control fire, dictating its very size, direction and even shape. This effect is particularly potent when combined with flamethrowers and plasma weapons, as the psion Focuses the weapon’s power into that of a gigantic arc welder. It can also be quite alarming when an ordinary campfire suddenly swells into two blazing hands that proceed to immolate onlookers.

System: Simply altering a fire’s shape requires nothing more than a Psi roll; each success indicates a turn during which your character can play with the fire’s form. Maintaining Plasma Control for longer than the number of turns rolled requires concentration (+1 difficulty to all other actions) - fire is a tricky beast to tame, aFter all. A flame source may be affected at a range of up to 30 times your character’s Psi score in meters.

Psi points must be spent to increase a Fire’s size or intensity. Each point spent increases the flame’s coverage or range by a meter and adds an additional die to the Lethal damage effect. Any damage done is handled like any other flame effect (see Sources of Injury - Fire, page 255). The effect may be flung indiscriminately over an area, causing the listed damage. Alternatively, it can be focused and directed at a target (roll [Psi + Firearms] to hit); any extra successes achieved in the attack roll are added to the damage eFfect.

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