The Phylactery of Recorded Memory is a vampiric artifact.

An ancient Celtic Druid created this amulet. It looks like a smooth piece of granite bound in two gold bands, and allows the wearer to evoke the memories of any previous owner of the amulet. The amulet may aid in skills, languages, and many other areas. The amulet also slows the aging of any mortal wearing it. The phylactery is believed to have passed through the hands of a couple of mages, a Camarilla elder, and a faerie. Occasionally, the wearer will uncover memories so alien that their mere presence sends him into crazed fits. If a Storyteller does not want to decide what memories it contains, she can have the character roll Intelligence (difficulty 9). A botch means the wearer has called up memories he would rather not have.


Players Guide to the Sabbat, p. 153-154

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