Name: Phoenix
Totem type: Respect
Ban: The Silver Pack may not have Honor below 250 points
Pack: Silver Pack

Phoenix is among the most revered and prestigious Totems that deal with the Garou Nation.


A Totem of Respect, it is the guardian of the Silver Pack and deals exclusively with them. To gain his protection, a Garou must be accepted by the Silver Pack. Phoenix marks his children with his mark to grant them his blessings. He is especially revered among the Silver Fangs who honor him with special rites.

The Phoenix represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. He is chiefly concerned with the protection of Gaia. Through the Silver Pack, Phoenix fights for the great mother, willing to sacrifice all so that one spark of life and hope might remain to rise again. So too does one Silver Pack fall, only to have another rise in its place to carry on the flame of life, hope, and heart. Phoenix will only accept a Silver Pack containing at least one Garou born under each of the five auspices.

To become a member of the Silver Pack one must complete the Rite of the Phoenix, performed by a Caller of the Wyld. Once completed accepted members can take Phoenix as their Totem and received the Mark of the Phoenix. His ban is that members of the Silver Pack have to be extremely honorable. If they sink below 250 honor, they lose all his favors and only through a Rite of Contrition and a quest to restore their lost honor, they can regain his favor.

This spirit is also responsible for the Prophecy of the Phoenix, which foretells the Apocalypse and its heralding signs.