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Between 327 and 325 BCE






Marizhavashti Kali


Marcia Felicia Licina


Phaedymite caste (vaguely)

Phaedyme was a powerful Ravnos methuselah active from ancient times to the early Dark Ages period. Her clan curse manifested itself as vindictive rage against anyone who would turn against her or her childer.


Phaedyme was originally a soldier in the army of Alexander the Great, masquerading as a man to escape the fate expected from her sex. In India, Phaedyme was Embraced by Mazhiravashti Kali, a childe of the Ravnos Antediluvian who had foreseen the arrival of Alexander. Sire and childe left the Orient together and journeyed to the West, where they established a power-base in Gaul. This earned them the enmity of the native Gangrel and the Roman Ventrue. The pair destroyed multiple Ravnos that tried to foray into their territory, mostly Sybarites, a rogue jati (bloodline) of Ravnos descending from Rome. During her travels, Phaedyme befriended multiple powerful vampires, like Zarathustra and Montano of the Lasombra, and Mithras of the Ventrue.

Phaedyme soon developed disgust for the activities of her Sybarite cousins, who choose to use the Path of Paradox as justification for mere hedonism. Instead, she dedicated herself to master warfare and dedicated herself to martial honor. While she spent much of her time during the Dark Ages in torpor, she became fascinated with the ideals of knighthood and chivalry and encouraged her descendants to adopt its tenets as the Path of Chivalry. Her progeny became a new jati called the Phaedymites, which served as messengers and heralds to several Cainite Princes. Though it was later targeted by Sybarite rivals for destruction, Phaedyme herself did not arise to defend her descendants.

Final NightsEdit

According to Zarathustra, Phaedyme survived the Week of Nightmares. She currently conducts research into who could have been powerful enough to destroy the Ravnos Antediluvian.