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Peter Culliford is the Executive Director of Pentex and one of the most influential members of the company.


Born during the sixteenth century, Culliford has retained the look of a sixty-year-old person, although how he achieved this or what Wyrm creature is responsible for that is unknown. In fact, he appears to be a reserved, grandfatherly sort of man, with impeccable clothes and distinguished silver hair.

Culliford is a cold, efficient customer; he learned diplomacy, politics and the art of lying while in service to the medieval church. He runs Pentex the same way. Culliford's goal is to completely defile the earth and her inhabitants, paving the way for a new world controlled by Pentex and the Wyrm.

His enemies among the other Board members are Benjamin Rushing and Chase Lamont, although everyone fears him too much to provoke him too often.


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